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VBP... Creating the Ultimate Driving Experience Through Superior Craftsmanship.

Vette Brakes and Products of America, LLC or VBP... began operations in St. Petersburg, Florida in April of 1977. Today, the company has grown into one of the largest aftermarket brake, suspension and steering companies in the industry. Each decade has seen the company produce leading edge automotive and industrial components that improve upon the original manufacturers products.

about1aVBP specializes in enhancing the performance of products ranging from Corvettes to Ford Mustangs to Porsche.

VBP is constantly exploring new markets that can utilize it's impressive selection of products. These new arenas include a broadened scope of foreign and domestic performance car applications as well as specialized products for industrial, commercial, and military uses. The company has introduced many innovative performance and safety related components for it's customers and for many industries.

In the seventies, the unveiling of VBP’s patented stainless steel brake systems for the C3 Corvette helped provide the company with impressive growth. VBP also earned a reputation for building quality products and providing excellent customer service. 

In the eighties, VBP introduced it's composite spring technology for the Corvette, Camaro and Firebird. The composite springs became an instant success and continue to be among the best selling products today.

During the nineties, many new components were introduced to expand the product line. Some of those components included specialized applications for law enforcement, freight carriers and other commercial and industrial uses.

Today, VBP obtains valuable research & development data from sources such as E-Systems/NASA, law enforcement agencies and several of today’s top showroom stock Corvette race teams. These teams extensively utilize springs, steering, bushings, suspension and chassis components that have been developed by VBP. These teams also routinely set the fastest times and bring home the checkered flag for the Corvette.

The results of this real time racing development, quickly find their way into VBP’s extensive line of automotive products. You, the automotive customer, benefit because it provides you with winning performance for the street - proven on the track.

Experience the difference and discover how VBP creates the ultimate driving experience through superior craftsmanship!

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Show winning car thanks to you guys Ladies and Gentlemen: Enclosed are photos of my 1969 Sunoco Camaro replica, built over a seven-year period using your American Classic suspension kit. I built the car to remind younger enthusiasts of the contributions to Chevrolet Racing that were made by Roger Penske and Mark Donohue in the original Trans Am series. I met Mark as a kid at the Indi...

David N. Adney

Corvette Brakes & Products

Shop VBP for the best in 1953-2013 Corvette brake, suspension, steering, and chassis parts. Over three decades of experience, written warranties, and commitment to excellence guarantees your satisfaction. Remember, VBP is an American manufacturer. When you buy a VBP brand product, you are buying direct from the factory – no middle man.