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Important Core Charge Information

C-2 / C-3 caliper prices are EXCHANGE ONLY. If you are unable to send us rebuildable calipers at the time of purchase, you must add a $50 per wheel refundable core charge to prices.

Core refunds are issued only to the original purchaser and are processed on a first come, first serve basis. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for all core refunds.

Previously sleeved, damaged or non Delco¨ brand cores may not be acceptable and will not receive full core refunds. Previously sleeved calipers may however be accepted for partial core refunds only if the OD (outside diameter) of the sleeve does not exceed 1.995" for front calipers and 1.495" for rear calipers.

Special Handling of Customers Calipers: Keep the original look of your calipers while upgrading to N.C.R.S. Specifications. Only $20 per caliper will be added to your caliper of choice.


VBP occasionally purchases the following brake and steering cores:  C3 calipers (Delco, Generic and / or pre-sleeved*), C3 Power Steering Control Valves, Cylinders and PS gear boxes and pumps.  *pre-sleeved calipers - front sleeve OD (outside diameter) must be no larger than 1.995", rear sleeve OD must be no larger than 1.495".  Call for current purchase prices.

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Keep up the good work! I purchased this car in 1993 and have made numerous changes since then. The car was stock when I purchased it except having the modification by the original owner of installing a hatch back rear window from a 1982 collectors edition Corvette. I started the restoration in 1995 by completely stripping the old paint and removing all the trim and repainting the car in its ...

Larry D. Clarke

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