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Your input is important to us. Please provide your valuable feedback. Here are some testimonials from our clients:

I live down under in Australia and we don't really have a great deal of Corvette spare parts retailers here and especially nothing with the expansive inventory of VBANDP. I needed a new front brake caliper for the front of the 69 and didn't expect the part to arrive so quickly and so cheaply for such a weighty item.
It took exactly seven days from the east coast of the US to arrive in outback Queensland, that is quicker than I can get items from Melbourne. I am impressed to say the least and know where my favorite Vette suspension and brake parts are going to come from.

My best regards to the team.
Brian Ross.
Date of Posting: 25 August 2015
Posted By: Brian Ross
Installation was easy, and a run became best
Date of Posting: 29 May 2015
Posted By: hiro
Hi Guys

Just wanted to say that you have by far and away smashed the delivery service provided by other Vette parts suppliers, my shipment was picked up at 16:00 on the 21st and delivered to my door at 14:30 on the 24th here on the Gold Coast Australia, many thanks for your quick service and choice of DHL for the delivery which was very well priced.

Keep up the great work.
Pete - Gold Coast Australia
Date of Posting: 24 October 2014
Posted By: Peter Capp
Thank you for the great customer service! I purchased a kit from VB&P and of course I can only work on it during my non working hours, so it had been awhile, I had a problem with one of the parts and it was replaced RIGHT NOW! also give great advice on needed parts! THANK YOU
Date of Posting: 22 October 2014
Posted By: HARLAN
Thank you very much for helping with the upgrade to the QA1 shocks and for getting everything to me in a very timely manner! I cut the 550 springs 3/4th of a coil and dropped the front from 30 1/2" to 26 1/2", which was PERFECT! The car handles like a rocket sled on rails, I will be adding the smart struts and sway bars in the future. I run the old school 15" tires, but even with that the difference is amazing. Thank you again for going waaaaaay out of your way to help me out! I am a member of Corvette Forum, Vettemod, Smokinvette forum and Digitalvettes forum name 7T9L82 and I have written comments about you.

Thanks again,
Date of Posting: 10 July 2014
Posted By: Philip Anderson
Thought I would send you an update to my 68' project.
Your products are impressive and easy to install. Looking forward to getting it back on the road!
Date of Posting: 30 May 2014
Posted By: Stephen Hill
Today I received my new shortened 360lbs spring from you!
I tracked the delivery on the net and it was a very quick transportation to
The spring was personally handed over to me at lunch time today at my work
since we frequently use the transportation company and they know me.

Again, Thank´s for your excellent service to me, I will for sure use VBP for
future upgrades to my 69 Corvette!

Best regards: Daniel
P.S, I added a photo of the very happy customer, me!
Date of Posting: 25 March 2014
Posted By: Daniel Fors
Dear VBP,

I own a 1980 Corvette, and from the time I bought it, the brakes were soft, at best. I bought a rebuilt master cylinder, replaced all the wheel bearings, lines, and hoses, trying to find the problem. No luck. Then, a friend told me about your products, and one of your salesmen(Jeff, I think) recommended converting my calipers over to O-ring type. I bought all the pistons, seals, and O-Rings, and had them installed in an afternoon. What a difference! The pedal was immediately rock solid, without a hint of fade. In fact, I had so much pedal, that I got "pulled over" for not having brake lights. The pedal wasn't moving enough to activate the switch! An easy fix, and well worth the hassle. Your products are top notch, and so are your people.

Thanks for a great product!!
Date of Posting: 20 May 2013
Posted By: Lee
Keep up the good work!

I purchased this car in 1993 and have made numerous changes since then. The car was stock when I purchased it except having the modification by the original owner of installing a hatch back rear window from a 1982 collectors edition Corvette. I started the restoration in 1995 by completely stripping the old paint and removing all the trim and repainting the car in its stock color of Mahogany Clear which was done on only 850 units in 1981 and restored the Sinabar interior. Suspension changes include Performance Plus Suspension System and Corvette Spreader Bar Kit. Replaced differential, transmission, and engine mounts to polyurethane.
And complete stainless steel brake kit including the parking brake. The engine was replaced with a modified 350 with roller cam and rockers,
aluminum heads and fuel injection, and a Doug Nash 5 speed transmission.
Since the completion over two years ago the car has been driven back to Bowling Green Kentucky for the 5 year anniversary of the museum. Also the car has competed in many auto cross events taking total of seven first place trophies, 2 second places for best modified and 3 first places for best modified in show. My best quarter mile time is 12.76, and this year
at Vette Fest 2000 in Boise ID I was even able to edge out a 2001 Z06 by just inches.

I closing I would like to let the Staff at Vette Brake Know how much I appreciate your dedication to a superior product line and I have great
faith in your product. It has performed as advertised for many trouble free miles, and races. Keep up the good work.


Larry D. Clarke
Date of Posting: 01 October 2007
Posted By: Larry D. Clarke
VBP products are the best on the market.

Please enter my 1973 Corvette in your contest. I have owned this car since 1988. Back when I bought the car, I liked stock Corvettes. Since then I have gone 180 degrees and modified my 73’. My modifications include Tune Port Injection, 700R 4 speed transmission, dual electric fans, Vette Brakes stainless steel calipers, 17” torque thrust II wheels, Kuhmo tires and most importantly, a VBP Performance Plus Suspension kit.

Installing the performance plus kit was the best modification I have made. Before installing the kit my 73’ wandered and was not a fun car to drive, in spite of a complete factory suspension rebuild. Now it drives like a C-4 and is a real pleasure to drive. I am not a racer but I do like a good handling and fun car.

I enter my car in a lot of shows and it never fails to get attention and compliments. In a recent trip to the National Corvette Museum for the 68’ to 82’ show over Labor Day, I averaged 21 mpg on the highway and the car drove great.

I think VBP products are the best on the market. The staff is very helpful and knowledgeable. I just bought an 89’ 6 speed roadster and you can bet I will use VBP products on it too.


Charles Mornout
Date of Posting: 10 November 2006
Posted By: Charles Mornout
Thank you and all the people at VBP
I’d like to thank you for allowing me the opportunity to assist your company in adver- tising at the March 15, 2003 Corvette Show in Chicago by handing out your catalog. They went very fast. One case of catalogs lasted only 3 or 4 hours at the show. I hope the response was good and you have seen an increase in business in the last few weeks. I would also like to thank you for the discount on the front end mono spring in power coat red that I received. The pictures I have sent show how the VBP suspension gave me the ability to put 17” wheels with 275 40 17’s on the rear and 245 45 17’s on the front. The car was like a magnet at the show. People stopped in awe asking how I could fit 17” cragar s/s wheels on my vette. All the credit went to VBP, offset trailing arm, rear dual mount leaf spring and front mono spring. I explained that your products make it possible to fit the tire in the wheel wells and completely control ride height at all four corners. If you have any questions about the show or would like to talk further about upcoming shows, please don’t hesitate to call.

PS: I am hoping to some day have my car featured in Vette or Hot Rod magazine and was wondering if you could help me in this venture. Thank you and all the people at VBP for helping me make my 1970 corvette a hit at the Vettefest. If you would like to use any pictures for advertising you have my permission.


Donald Delmar
Date of Posting: 10 November 2004
Posted By: Donald Delmar
John C. Downs 1999 Contest Winner

John’s ’67 is a daily driver that wins at shows and on the track.

John Writes, “Enclosed are photos of my 1967 Corvette for consideration in your
contest. I have owned the car since 1994, and substantially completed the restoration two
years ago.

In the mechanical restoration I used the following Vette Brakes’ products; stainless steel
brake caliper set, front end rebuild kit, differential crossmember kit, poly bushings
throughout and your power steering conversion kit.

Since completion, I have been very successful showing the car. It has won an award
every time out, including first place at Chevy/VetteFest in Houston, and four Best of
Show awards at other Corvette events.

My car is not a trailer queen though, as evidenced by one of the photos. I have
participated for two seasons in the MuscleCar Club Drag Racing Series. Also, in the last
year I have driven the car on trips as far as 700 miles.

To improve the ride, I recently installed Vette Brakes’ composite rear spring and front coils. In closing, I mention the fact that I have not had a problem with any product from
Vette Brakes. Every part has performed as advertised. In addition, the technical advice
has been excellent. Keep up the good work…

Sincerely, John Downs.
Date of Posting: 10 November 2004
Posted By: John C. Downs
VBP made my 1965 Corvette Stingray Convertible a unique ride

The products from VBP have helped make my 1965 Corvette Stingray Convertible, a.k.a. Retro Ray, become a very unique ride.
The car’s suspension, brakes and performance are unlike any 37-year-old car.
The suspension is complemented with new Carrerra adjustable shocks, performance leaf and coil springs, sway bars and strut rods. To keep things tight all bushings, tie rods ends, ball joints, shock mounts, steel plates and added differential cover and cross member reinforcement. All painted parts on this suspension were stripped and baked with a jet hot coating then tumbled to polish. The engine as rebuilt with aluminum trick flow heads, high lift cam, roller rocker arms, polished intake, plated Holley 650, 3" stainless side pipes and too may billets parts and goodies to list. To stop the beast, there are slotted rotors, braided brake lines, and o-ring stainless calipers, of course all from VBP.
The strong cornering and braking are kept at bay by BF Goodrich comp TA radials mounted on Torque Thrust II wheels with offset trailing arms to maximize negative offset and footprint.
The new suspension, brakes, and rebuilt engine have given us confidence to travel long distances for Corvette functions.
Last year we went to the Super Chevy Show and got Runner Up in modified; in Ocean City it received Best Modified in Class. At Carlisle
the Retro-Ray did not receive an award, but Corvette Magazine.com included it in their
review with a picture and caption. On a 500-mile trip in one day along Skyline Drive with the Corvette Forum, it was the second oldest car there, and traveled one of the longest distances. Our local Corvette Club, The Beachcombers, recently obtained use of an old air field to auto cross.
I am looking forward to driving fast around turns without getting in trouble.

The thing that makes this Corvette special is all the detail and plating under the car.
Vette Brake products have helped transform a very old car into a fast, good looking and
dependable one. Keep up the good work and let’s see more C-5 goodies.
Date of Posting: 26 January 2004
Posted By: Bill Lakin
Daniel Bombach 2000 Contest Winner

Boys and their toys (you gotta love it!).
From left to right are sons Bodie, Dietrich and Nash. The big guy behind Nash is Daniel.

Daniel Writes, “I am sending you a picture of my four Corvettes and three boys. The red'76 is an automatic with a shift kit and 377 bow-tie heads. This car also has your front and rear springs, sway bars and rear strut rods. The rear brakes are your O-Ring type and I really like them.

The other'76 has a 408 roller cam, Dart heads and a five speed transmission. It only has 45k original miles on it. The car did not have a rear sway bar but I was surprised at how easily your rear sway bar kit installed on it.

The blue’80 Vette has a 386 roller cam, Brodix heads and a four speed. The front end has been completely rebuild using all of your products.

The'68 has a 427 big block, roller cam, Brodix heads and a four speed. Last winter, I rebuilt the front end and the rear struts with your products. I greatly appreciate the quality of your parts and service.

Sincerely, Daniel Bombach.”
Date of Posting: 24 January 2004
Posted By: Daniel Bombach
I have all the faith in the world in their fine products

To Whom It May Concern:

Enclosed are two photos of my 1979 Corvette. I purchased this car in May, 2001 and have made many, many upgrades to improve its' appearance and mechanical condition.

The paint job was done at Jim's Auto Body in De Forest, Wisconsin. The color is 1998 GM Radar Blue with Pearl added and four coats of clear coat.

I have replaced the trailing arm bushings and stainless steel shim kit with VBP parts. After two days of strenuous labor, sweat and busted knuckles, I completed the task. I had the car re-aligned and it now acts like a different car. I have also purchased other parts at VBP while owning my car.

The engine is a stock 350 with a modified 650 Holley Double Pumper Carb. I do not plan to race my car, but just enjoy it. I want to upgrade my front and rear sway bars to enhance the handling which I will also purchase from VBP.

I appreciate all of the expertise and assistance I have received from VBP. I have all the faith in the world in their fine products and technical support.


Gene Miller
Date of Posting: 10 November 2003
Posted By: Gene Miller

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