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VBP offers full service Powder Coating

– for our products and yours!



What Is Powder Coating:
Unlike paint, Powder Coating provides metal parts with a beautiful, durable finish that protects and looks great for years. The coating is electrostatically applied and then cured under heat, allowing it to flow and form a protective “skin” over the entire item.

VBP’s Parts and Colors:
The factory standard color on our manufactured parts is black, but can be changed to other colors for a small fee. VBP products are available in Really Red, Vette Yellow, Candy Blue, Prismatic Pewter, and Ultra Black. Many custom colors and finishes are also available by special order.

Custom Work and Special Finishes:
VBP can protect and customize your Corvette parts (or most any metal item)!  Send us your parts, and then choose from thousands of colors and finishes.  Use your imagination or have your parts powder coated to match your character and car.  In addition to auto parts, we routinely powder coat sporting goods, boat and aircraft parts, household goods and more.

Preparation Process:
Like most jobs, preparation is critical.  VBP’s in-depth preparation process takes your product back to its base format before the powder coating is applied. Preparation can include disassembly, cleaning, sandblasting, bead blasting, acid dipping and more – whatever it takes to insure a perfect Powder Coat every time!

• Beautiful appearance
• Strong, durable finish
• Prevents rust
• No running or sagging

For more information on Powder Coating from VBP, please call 800-237-9991.


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Thank you very much for helping with the upgrade to the QA1 shocks and for getting everything to me in a very timely manner! I cut the 550 springs 3/4th of a coil and dropped the front from 30 1/2" to 26 1/2", which was PERFECT! The car handles like a rocket sled on rails, I will be adding the smart struts and sway bars in the future. I run the old school 15" tires, but even with...

Philip Anderson
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